Help Identifying Makers Mark and History Japanese Army Sword

I am looking for assistance in identifying and providing a bit of history for a Japanese Army Officer's sword that was captured on May 29, 1945 in the Philippines during WWII. We believe the Makers Mark identifies the Maker as Yoshichika Minamoto, but we cant identify the rest of the characters on the tang.

The attached photos show the only characters found on either side of the tang. I haven't been able to located a temper line on the blade either.

Thank you for your assistance.



Hi Warren,
The signature is "Minamoto Yoshichika kore (o) saku", which means "Minamoto Yoshichika made this".
Note that Minamoto is a historical clan name, used by many smiths.
See YOS1067, which may be the smith that made your blade.


Where do I look up YOS1067?


I am very new to this so, where do i go to look up YOS1067?

Thank you for your assistance.

Warren Odekirk


Go to the "Swordsmith Index" in the menu on the left.
Meanwhile, here is a direct link: