Wakizashi - signed Fuyuhiro?

Hi All

I have recently obtained a Wakizashi, which I believe bears the signature of Fuyuhiro.

The blade measures 65 cm's end to end and the tsuba is inlaid with what appears to be copper, silver and gold.

I have done a load of investigation online I am now more confused than before I started looking, and as I will be selling the sword I wish to describe it correctly!

Any help that can be provided would be very much appreciated.


If required I can add more photos

If you are selling the sword

If you are selling the sword I would advise that you say more or less what you've said in your post here. The signature may or may not be gimei (false), and without rigorous research and comparison you could only guess which Fuyuhiro it might be. Without papers from the NBTHK or NTHK any assertion as to the smith would be conjecture. Any serious buyer will want to look at the sword and draw their own conclusions. If you are concerned about getting the right price for the sword then an appraisal by a dealer might be a good idea.

Wakizishi - Fuyuhiro


Thanks for the info. I have had it looked at by a specialist and he reckons that it is correct and is researching the specific swordsmith.

Thanks for you help.

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