Small Tanto help please

I am new to this informative site and was wondering if I may receive input into this small Tanto. Any information is appreciated. Thank you for your time and looking forward to your comments.


The signature is Yasutsugu. Just judging by the quality of the carving and the freshness of the tang I would say it is gimei, but that's just my feeling on it. Have a look online for examples of Yasutsugu and you can make your own mind up. Looks like a nice tanto though.

I had a sinking feeling that

I had a sinking feeling that it was a gemie, I did not realize the carving was so poor till I walked into natural light. Is there any other information on the tang other than the Smith's name, and the second odd hole..... Thanks again for your input.

new/real ?

Interesting. It looks rather "real", but also looks "new"...
There is nothing "poor" about the carving of the signature.
The back side is a date: something 3 nen 8 gatsu hi.
The 'something' is the nengo (era name), but I don't recognize it.

It makes me think it is meant to be a quality copy of an old blade, but I could be wrong.



It's the mon that doesn't look right to me, quite rough compared to others I've seen on Yasutsugu swords. I think Pete could be right that this is a copy of an older blade.

nengo: Kyo-something

My wife says that the nengo (era name in the date) is KYOu-something.
Given that, the possibilities are:
Kyotoku (1452)
Kyoroku (1528)
Kyoho (1716)
Kyowa (1801)

Of these choices, Kyotoku is "closest", but it really doesn't match very well. It's pretty sketchy...


So real blade or fake

So real blade or fake signature or real blade real signature and fake engraving? It's a shame I was told the blade had papers which the seller is haveing trouble finding now..

Thanks for all the help

another idea

One other possibility to explain why the tang and signature look "new":
Perhaps the blade is old, but (for some reason) the tang was "re-made" by reshaping it, re-doing the yasurime (filemarks), and re-chiseling the signature.
For example, if the blade used to be much longer, but was broken.
I don't think this is very likely, but...