Is it real?


Can you help me with info regarding this sword?
Is it real? From 17th century? Is it made by MINAMOTO TADAYUKI?

Can you estimate a price for it?

I would like to buy it from a private seller and I tried to contact a Japanese Association from my country but nobody knows details about swords.

Thanks for your help!

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Yes, it is Minamoto Tadayuki.
The "origami" (paper) is a Ninteisho, sometimes called a "green paper". It was written in 1971.
From what I see in the pictures, it matches the Ninteisho, and is in nice condition.
I don't have an opinion about the value.



I'll try to find more details regarding the value of the sword.


Hi Pete,
Can you help me with a rough estimate?
The value for this sword could be thousands of Euro or over ten thousand?



I really don't know, without doing research. There are a dozen or more Tadayuki smiths.
Probably any of them with papers and polish is going to be $2000US to start, but if it is a "better" smith then $6K, $8K, $10K, who knows....?

BTW, your paper is a "Tokubetsu Kicho". Here is a link to a handy site for papers: