Hi, introduce myself, I am a german collector, study shinshinto Naotane school swords, active in the NMB.
Looking for all infos about that group and swords, esp. Naotane and his pupil Naomasa. So if anybody can give
advice and info, always appr. .
Kataoka Ginsaku wrote two biographies about Taikei Naotane; may be in dutch language, so please help me out with this essays really appr.

Best Regards


Hi Peter and welcome!

What level of information on Naotane have you got already and which books did you have a chance to look at? This will help me to understand where I can help.

Would you be interested in:

  1. outlining the list of smiths from Naotane group and reviewing the information on them in the Swordsmith Index
  2. creating a new school/group record to group them together
  3. finding representative (or any) swords from the group and putting them into the Sword Database


We can do all that. I can give you editor's rights to the database so that you can update it yourself.



Hi Stan,
I have the shin shinto taikan, nihonto koza vol.V translation by Afu Watson, Markus shin shinto shi, Markus
shinto and shinshinto kantei book, toko taikan, Fujishiros shinto and translation, Token Bijutsu's with Naotanes blades, Nihonto newsletters and....the internet.
Looking for the Naotane biographies and any info esp. about his pupil Naomasa.
Would be nice to put a Naomasa katana with TH papers and Yoshikawa Koen sayagaki in the sword data base.
Naomasa died by suicide, Tsuruta san wrote that he did not create many nihonto, helped his master Naotane for a long period. Not only the swordsmith, also the person is interesting. If I find "enough" try to write an essay about the Naotane school and Naomasa.

Best Regards
Peter Reusch

Thank you, Peter. I'll take a

Thank you, Peter. I'll take a look at the sources I have and share my findings. Please be patient it will take some time.

In the meantime I've given you access to the Sword Database (see - you should be able to add new records) - feel free to play and put in some data and if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer.


Sword records

Hi Peter,

I can see you are doing a great job with new sword records. Just a helpful hint, if you wish to make them visible to everyone, change the record status at the top of the record Edit page from Hidden to Public.

I may also now edit swordsmith/school records. Please proceed with care but don't worry - everything is reversible.