My polish project

Just bought a rusty blade and started my polish practice. Pictures show that finishing foundation polish and starting 1000 grid polish. It seems like worth to spend time to play with. I will post pictures when all works to be done. Any suggestions? Thank you guys!

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Hi Henry,
[This is just my opinion!]
You may already know this, but I want to mention that many Nihonto collectors do not approve of any polishing done by someone who is not fully trained as a "togishi" (Japanese sword polisher).
Being a "rusty blade" is not a good reason.
What if the blade is actually a high-quality piece by an important smith?
One of the reasons that being a togishi is so difficult is that they must learn a LOT about all aspects of Nihonto blades, so that a good blade or important art object is not ruined.
I'm sorry to say that if your blade had any value before, then it has no value now.
I hope that it really WAS a worthless blade...


Thank you! I won't try

Thank you! I won't try valuable blade. I know even I cannot finish it. But I really want this kind of experience to know how hard to polish a sword. I also think it is kind of fun to collect blades. Maybe one day I take it to the tojishi to give its new life. Thank you Pete!