Need help with tachi

I just want to buy a tachi from Japan. The seller give me 1400 for this one. So how do you guys think if it worth this price or not? I am new so I have no any idea about price range. Thanks!

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The pictures are really dark, so it's hard to see things.
I could easily be wrong, but it looks like a fake to me.
The nakago has strange pits in it.
The kiku (chrysanthemum) is "double" - like it was done with a stamp (not chiseled), and they hit it twice by mistake.
The yasuri-me (filemarks on the nakago) look like they were done by a child.


This sword does not look

This sword does not look right. I don't know what is going on with it, but I don't think it would be wise purchase.

Learned a lot! Thanks!

Learned a lot! Thanks!

Got it! Thanks!

Got it! Thanks!
Another gimei or fake out there? Tang looks too new and mei so clear? How do you think?


It looks real (although it may be a gimei). In Japan, you cannot get registration papers on a fake sword (I believe).
Also, this eBay dealer is selling many other real blades.
But note: Probably all of his blades have some sort of "problem" that makes them not very valuable in Japan. I suspect he is selling them internationally on eBay because most Japanese collectors don't want them (just my opinion).
But they may still be "good" for us non-Japanese folks...

Someone made the nakago look very "clean" - note the shiny black finish (it might just be oil or wax), and the yellow stuff to make the kanji very clear.
I will be interesting to see how high the price goes.

BTW, in case it is a gimei: In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with buying a gimei, as long as you pay a "gimei price", and you understand that it might be gimei. It can be an interesting thing to study, to understand which features don't match, and who might be the real smith.


Yes, there is nothing wrong

Yes, there is nothing wrong with buying a gimei, as long as you pay a "gimei price"
This one also has registeration paper.I just think the tang is too rusty, and someone repolish it. I also think the hamon of this one is something weird. What is your opinion? Thanks!


My opinions:
I don't like it. The tsuba and tsuka have been painted/sprayed with something to make them shiny.
It has a registration paper, so maybe it is actually an old blade...???
There are also old blades that are poor quality.
NOT worth $1400.


Thank you Pete. I think it is

Thank you Pete. I think it is really tough for our new collector to hunt right things! I need to study a lot and lot before spend my limited dollars.