Identify a Wakizashi

Hi, i need some help and i'm here :) . i live in France and i started a tiny collection of Japanese sword ( tantô, gunto... )

i have this wakizashi. it is not in great condition ( i bought it in this bad condition ).
i'm looking for some informations... the hamon is almost invisible, it seems to be suguha ( i'm not sure ).
blade is Hira, mune is maru ( i'm sure is the original shape )
but polish is very bad and it seems the former owner do some bad thing with very fine sand paper... i see some hada

I would like know how old is it

what is this inscription on the tsuka ?

and if you have any others informations, i take.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english :)

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Hi Ken,

The blade is very tired and it's hard to identify the age. I would say late Koto (16th century).


Thx, for your help :)

Thx, for your help :)