Help with possible Tomomitsu Wakizashi?

Hello and thank you,
I recently came in to possession of a wakizashi and am trying to learn more about it. Unfortunately a previous owner had taken an abrasive to the blade to try and “clean it up”, fortunately they did not do the same with the Nakago and the colors of the rust are still visible. As you can see from the pictures the blade has numerous scratch marks in it making the Hamon barely visible as well as the Yokote. There are a few Ware in the blade itself the one pictured is the largest and does not look fatal. The Mei is fairly visible, except for the first Kanji, which is very hard to see. The second one I have not been able to identify yet, I believe the third could be “Ju”. The fourth and fifth look to me like they make up “Tomomitsu”. Any help in identifying the fist and second Kanji or the maker and or era would be greatly appreciated.

1st - unknown
2nd - not yet identified
3rd - 住 dwelling; living?
4th - 友 Tomo?
5th - 光 Mitsu?

I had at first thought the 3rd might have been 庄 or 在 but 庄 does not have the downward slash along the side and 在 is missing the dot on the top. I know close might work, but also may be the difference between "made here", and "your mother eats grapes" :)

Much obliged


It is "Bishu ju Tomomitsu".
Not 100% sure on the "Bi", but the 2nd and 3rd are definitely SHUu and JUu.


Thank you

Thank you for the help. If I find out anything more I will update.