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I am looking for some help identifying this mei.

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new image

Thanks Looper. Just uploaded a larger version of the mei. Have been searching the database and haven't had much luck.


Signature is:

A very similar one is here:


Definitely on the money

Pete, you were on the money. How did you find it so fast?

with help

I figured out HARU and SAKU by myself.
The YOSHI was tough. I thought it was 2 separate kanji, and I couldn't find either of them.
Then I asked my wife to look at it, and it took her about 10 seconds to identify "Minamoto Yoshiharu". Then I used Google...
So, the real secret is to have a spouse that is native Japanese and from a family with a strong literary interest. :-) Note that if you show this type of thing to an employee of your local Japanese restaurant, most likely they'll be clueless.
For a WWII blade, this one is signed in a rather classy style, which is nice. This type of writing is probably "Gyosho" (semi-cursive). But that also makes it hard to read. Some WWII blades are hard to read because the signature is so choppy and over-simplified ("bad handwriting").


I have really got to stop buying so many swords


I just bought another one and this one would be difficult for me to translate. It is a civilian mount with a surrender tag. Some of the characters are numbers and I am sure correlate to the date it was surrendered. Would I be able to trouble you for some more assistance?


The signature is "MASAZANE" (or MASASANE).
The date is Showa 19 (1944).
I can't read much of the surrender tag, but the upper-right on one side says "SHOuWA-TOu".