Wakizashi kaneshige

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I am new to this forum and will introduce myself later today. I bought a wakizashi with NBTHK Hozon Token papers identifying it as Shinto blade. It is signed Senriki kaneshige from Kumamoto ju - fujiwara. I checked the data base but I cannot find this smith in the database. Where could I find more information about this smith, or am I not using the database correctly?

Kumamoto ju~ Fujiwara Senriki Kaneshige 隈本住藤原千力包重

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Is this him?

Wakizashi Kaneshige

I see one listing in Hawley's for a smith using Kumamoto, KAN 307 and KAN 308. Both are from Higo. KAN 307- KUMAMOTO JU KANESHIGE circa 1661 Late Enju group and KAN 308- (HIGO) KUMAMOTO JU FUJIWARA KANESHIGE also of the late Enju group circa 1684. Can you post a picture of the blade.

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Thank you very much for the reply. The blade was purchased for me as a gift for getting very close to my PhD. degree being done. These are the images I have, since I have not received the blade yet.

The blade comes in shirasaya, so now my next task would be to get all the fittings, another great journey I would think.

I will try to attach the images to the original post.. Hmm, my images are all getting an HTTP error. I will share a link to my dropbox files:




Chris de Feijter


Looks like a very nice blade. Congrats.

Thank you for the congrats. I

Thank you for the congrats. I am looking forward to actually observing the blade closely when it comes in.



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Kumamoto ju Fujiwara Senriki Kaneshige

Since I am pretty sure this blade was made by KAN308 (thanks for your help), I am still wondering about the Senriki part in the inscription.
Kumamoto ju was a Prefecture, Fujiwara a Clan, and Kaneshige the sword smith. Is Senriki the name of the owner of the blade? Or does Senriki mean something else?




Senriki means 'power of 1000' and it can be a name or nickname of the smith. There is another example of signature with 'Senriki': Kumamoto jū Fujiwara Senriki saku (隈本住藤原千力作) from 1716. Senriki is clearly a name in this signature.

Here's an interesting reference to 千力: Kakushi Buki blog

I wasn't able to find which generation of Kaneshige signed 'Senriki', KAN307 or KAN308.


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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the link you shared did not show on the forum. What was the interesting reference to 千力?

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Oops... I've fixed the

Oops... I've fixed the link.


Thank you. That was an

Thank you. That was an interesting short read.



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On the NBTHK Origami, the second column includes the Kanji as in the picture. These two characters are not on the blade. What do they mean?
I have uploaded images to the original post.

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Those two chars are "SHINTOu" (the general time period).