Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten translation

Hello all,

I have recently come across a nice two book set of Fujishiro's NTJ and since I am Japanese language impaired I would love to find at least an English translation of the indexes (if not the entire books)so I may more efficiently reference.

I understand that Harry Watson at one time did provide such an item but may not anymore due to possible copyright issues. My initial serach turns up nothing.

Can anyone help me and provide a solution for my dilemma?



Hi Jeff,

I'll send you the indexes when I get back home (unless somebody else does in the meantime).

Full translations exist in 2 forms: as a book (still very much out of print, I believe) and as an electronic copy (Harry Watson stopped distributing these after somebody started printing and selling them without Harry's permission). So the easiest (and definitely not cheapest) option is to look for the translated book - they pop up on the market few times a year.

Alternatively, indexes will be enough to find the right place in the book and get reasonable understanding of what smith any oshigata belongs to. As for bios and description of smiths' works, Fujishiro is very interesting but not unique - you may find other sources easier and cheaper.


Thank you for the nice reply,

Thank you for the nice reply, Stan. I did try to supplement my efforts and did receive a copy of the indexes from a gentleman just yesterday, so I am in shape.

I appreciate the efforts and concerm.

Best to you,