Japanese Sword / Ivory Saya and Handle

These two swords appear to belong to a set. As far as I am aware, they are ceremonial swords of some type.

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show us the blades

We need to see the blades, in detail, including the tangs.
I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that those ivory type mountings are "vintage tourist souvenirs". If so, the blades will be junk.
If the mounts are indeed ivory and not bone, then I suppose the carved ivory has value.



Sincere thanks Pete...I am taking the pictures now and will post them shortly. I am unable to remove the handles due to my knowledge of the items and due to artifact protection policy here at the museum (to show the tangs) but I will get you some blade shots asap this morning and post them. I realize you can't provide nearly as much information this way and appreciate your efforts, it would be nic to know at least an era the blade may have been made in.

Also, I now realize the two Ivory colored Saya are bone. Was there one specific type of animal bone that was used in the production of these?


No, I don't know what type of bone would be used...



Hi Gary,

Many different types of ivory would have been used - as in any other part of Asia. It can be marine ivory, in particular. Only close examination by an expert in ivory would tell...

Please post the pictures of the blades and hopefully we will be able to tell whether it's a souvenir or a real blade.