Sword Identification

I am in need of help with a sword identication. I recently obtained a sword and is of great mystery to me. It is a katanna and I believe it's not very old. It has two holes in the tang and is made of damascus steel. I also believe that the stamp is 摂津守 源忠行,Settsu no Kami Minamoto Tadayuki. But I am not sure. I will load a picture of the tang and if anyone can help contact me at troymeaux@hotamil.com. Thank you very much.

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Hi Troy,

It's a fake unfortunately. It looks like a modern Chinese made imitation sword.


Thank you. Can you tell me

Thank you. Can you tell me what it says? I would like to try and track it down.

Troy, It says 'Settsu no Kami


It says 'Settsu no Kami Minamoto Tadayuki' (which is a signature of a real smith) but it doesn't really matter. Sometimes these fakes are signed with the names of modern Asian actors - it's random.


Ok thanks for the help.

Ok thanks for the help.