help with more swords and signatures for translation

Hi Stan and everyone,

I'm' very grateful for the last discussion, Happy that I found Nihonto club, I had been collecting anything that comes my way for years but unfortunately could not understand much, specially with interpretations on tang or sword blades. I accept this as one of my weak points and thanks to you guys I'm' starting to deeper appreciate the Japanese sword. So in line with this may I again ask additional help to translate or give any knowledge you have on the next set of my attachments?As usual I'm' extending my regards to all...

Picture descriptions:
3538-3542 Yari
3544 and 3547 Katana Signed?
3548-3556 Katana Unsigned
3558-3564 Wakisazhi unsigned
3572-3582 2 character signed sent previously
3583,3584,3588-3593Wakisazhi unsigned
3585 and 3587 Naginata
3598-3607 Wakisazhi signed
3609 and 3614 Katana Signed?



Hi Jo,

I'll look at these later. In the meantime I've updated your previous topic by attaching the images using 'Upload New Images' option. (I also turned few photos around in order to show the inscriptions in the correct direction.)

As there are quite a few photos here too, I'll do the same exercise. It makes the task of reading the signatures much more convenient. Alternatively, you could help me and try doing it yourself (see the details here).



Here's some random comments:

Signature is "Katsukuni saku" (made by Katsukuni). A nice-looking tang.
Unfortunately, your picture doesn't show the shape of the end of the tang.
Katsukuni is typically Kaga province, and it may have a "Kashuu style" tang.

The shape of the kashira (pommel) is rounded, which is "Higo style".
I like it because my Iai-tou is the same style ;-).

Appears to be an "O-kissaki" (large/long point). A lot of steel-wool damage.

A very classic style of tsuba. The overall 4-lobed shape is called "mokkou".
Can't see clearly in the picture, but I assume that the decorations are
soft metal (copper alloys, perhaps some silver).
It may not be super-valuable (I don't know), but it's nice.

The tang looks very old, but there is also some fresh rust (the reddish
parts). It appears that the hamachi is completely gone, meaning that it is a "tired" blade that has been polished many times.

Signature is "Omi (no) kami Hisamichi". There are 3 main smiths with this
name (and perhaps some lesser ones). The time period is late 1600's
to early 1700's. Yours is not an 'obvious match' with the main examples,
but that doesn't mean it's gimei either (false signature). More research
is needed. Hisamichi is from the Mishina school. Can you post some pictures of the overall hamon, including the tip area, the middle, and the other end close to the tang?

Signature is "Kanemoto". Kanemoto is famous for a type of hamon called
"sanbonsugi" (although it's not universal). Can you post a picture of
the hamon on yours?


Hi Stan, Okay will do, Bear

Hi Stan,

Okay will do, Bear with me for the pictures that I am sending. Im' trying to figure out and practice myself. I will be waiting for any info you have on the items..


Hi Pete, Wow! A million

Hi Pete,

Wow! A million thanks for your insight. Alright I will be sending of the pictures you require. I will try to get the closest detail.Bear with me for the not so clear photos. Also I do have a few questions for you, Are the unsigned blades still worth restoring? sent to a polisher?Any interpretations for pictures 3598,3600,3607 signed short sword? Also I sent a clearer close up of The signature you guessed as Jumyo? see pics 3572-3582,Will it be a final Jumyo? Lastly,I sent a photo of a very rusted tang blade, Any idea as to origins of all unsigned blades? Smith, School, Province of origin etc.?.....



It's difficult to give clear advice about polishing, especially without seeing the blades in person. The best plan is to arrange to show them to an experienced collector. Stay away from any "cheap" restoration services, and be very suspicious/careful with anyone outside of Japan.

Signature is "Yamato (no) kami Kanemichi".

I'm not experienced enough to say much about the unsigned blades, except for some general comments. You need to include a picture of the entire blade, viewed directly from the side, so that we can see the overall shape.


definitely Jumyo

Definitely "Jumyo".


3550 unsigned

It may be a WWII blade (not so good quality).
The yasuri-me (filemarks) on the tang look sloppy.
The rust looks mostly red (recent rust, 20th century).


Hi Pete, Thanks for the

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the advise I will do that, Sadly I think I had been ripped off by a dealer of what you suspected to be a Gunto blade. I will be extra cautious now. It really caused me a fortune.
I am creating a new post on the discussion board for you to view on the additional photos of the blades.


New photos

Hi Jo,

If these photos are for the same blades, you may as well edit the original post and add more. This can be done at any time! I'll help you out with updating the existing photos tonight.


P.S. Good job, Pete!

Hi Stan, I Have posted more,

Hi Stan,

I Have posted more, I will be posting details of the unsigned blades so we could determine what the items are exactly, 2 of the swords are in rough polish so its difficult to appreciate the hamon... anyways please give it a try..


Hi Pete, By the way,By the

Hi Pete,

By the way,By the way do you have any additional info on The 2 smiths? Yamato no kami michie and Jumyo? What province are they from? or what era they were active in smiting? Any additional info?Id' appreciate it if you could give me anything..


Hi Stan, I have added new

Hi Stan,

I have added new pics of a new tanto. As usual there is a signature which needs interpreting and a tsuba help section....



I don't see where the new pictures are...?
Jo, since you have so many pictures, it would be great to rename the files to say what they are, such as "Kanemichi_1.jpg", "Kanemichi_tsuba.jpg", etc.

Stan: Can image files be renamed after they've already been posted?


Pete, If they are attached as


If they are attached as files, like in this topic, descriptions can be renamed (this is hat you see as a file name at the top), but the actual files (when you open them as pictures) - can't. I'll re-post them as proper gallery tonight, then everything can be renamed, and also you will be able to comment on each photo individually, if required.

Uploaded gallery

Hi guys,

I've re-uploaded the photos now.

Pete, there's another thread with more photos. I'll see now what I can do with them.