Tsuba School

I am wondering if anyone can guide me on a school for this tsuba.


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Tsuba School

You did not mention what the tsuba is made of or its dimensions and I'm afraid that the photos are of poor quality. However, it appears that the metal is not iron, but a copper alloy. This leads me to believe that the tsuba is of the Chinese school, i.e. a fake. There are so many good ones on the market these days. This view is supported by the surface of the seppa dai, which is uneven, typical of cast metal, as well as the softness in the details in the rest of the tsuba. Japanese seppa dai are rarely other than mirror smooth.

If the tsuba is iron and Japanese, it may be from the Heianjo, Shoami or Higo schools as they tended to produce round tsuba with large rims, as this example. However typical tsuba from these schools are inlaid with gold or brass. Unsigned tsuba outside the style typifying the school are always difficult to assign as the maker probably wanted to try something new. In the absence of handling the tsuba, I'll stick with my first assessment, sorry. John