Personal Collection

Can I create a personal collection folder? I have some tosogu that I would like to share if possible.



Hi Henry,

There's an article in the Help section describing how to publish your collection. Some bits may be outdated, but the overall idea remains the same:

1) create a collection record (via 'Create content')
2) create an item record (i.e. 'tsuba', also via 'Create content')
3) enhance it with photos using Image Gallery + 'rich text' format of the item description.

I'm going to simplify the whole process this year, but for the moment please give it a try and if you have any issues, I'll be able to assist you in this thread. You may take my collection record as an example.


Hi Stan I think I tried that.

Hi Stan

I think I tried that. I can't get past 3

"3. Click 'Private collection' in the list on the right hand side of the page."

because there is no menu. (I think)

Sorry to be a pain and thanks for your help.


Henry Wilson