I did have a Japanese dealer look at it over 20 years ago his name was takamunei not sure of the spelling he went into the back of the shop and came back with a very thick book with all the smiths names and locations in it, i have to admit when handling it he couldn't put it down,he gave me the name and location but over time i have lost them, he at the time offerd to buy the sword of me for the sum of £4000.00

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Hi Robert,

I'm not aware of Takamune, but there was a smith called Takemune.

If you make few photos of the blade and attach it to the your post above (click 'Edit' button above the topic name), we'll try to identify the maker. Please make:

1) clear close-up photo of the nakago (tang) with the handle taken off (if any), both sides. 2) photo showing full length of the blade to see the overall shape
3) few close-ups of different areas of the blade surface
4) photo of boshi (the tip of the blade).

1 and 2 would do for a start.


P.S. I'm going to be away for a while during the Christmas season, please be patient in case if you post the photos and don't get any response.