Tanto authentification of YASUTSUGU

Bonjours in all, I am new on the site of the Nihonto club under the pen name of samou31, and I shall need an authentification at the level of a signature of YASUTSUGU. Voila I have a signed tanto YASUTSUGU but I do not have of what generation he(it) is a member(part) 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? .Si there is somebody who can help me his(her,its) shall be nice. I made an oshigata, and I you sending also of photos.
Thank you still in everything.

Nidai Yasutsugu

Dear Samou31,

The signature reads:

yasutsugu nyudō oite...

motte nanban tetsu saku kore

Only the second generation Yasutsugu signed 'Nyudō'. He also had similar horimono carved on his swords. If the signature is genuine, I would guess it's his work.

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Authentification d'un tanto

Still one thousand thank you for check of the géné of signature corresponding to the tanto.
I shall like making a tratitionnel polishing on tanto, but I know no serious polisher in France or in Europe. For a polishing in Japan it is him(it) possible without excess of prblème. If somebody few to help me to find a polisher, shall be it trés nice.

Still thank you for all.



I would recommend Tony Norman (UK). You may find his contact details here. Also, Zenon Van Damme in Belgium.

You may also find few more contacts in Europe, but I don't know anything about quality of their work, please do your research carefully before submitting your sword:

Massimo Rossi, in Italy, officially recognized as a togishi by the NBTHK

Jean-Claude Dusehu, in France

(taken from http://swordforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98897)