registration card with interesting writing

Hello, I got a katana probalby from late Koto period, the tang is unshortened mumei but maybe there is a weak signature, not sure.
On the registration card it does not say mumei but something else I can not translate, also the first column on the left side which is usualy empty has writing, some with red. It is perhaps due to the sayagaki on the saya?
If someone could translate this 2 first column from left would be great.

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This registration paper comes from the Shizuoka Board of Education.
The second-from-left column is for signature info. It says that the omote (front) is "Kore-something", meaning that they couldn't read the 2nd kanji. The ura (back) is unsigned.
The left column is bikou (notes). The kanji in red is saikoufu, meaning "reissue". I suppose it means that the original registration was lost, and this is a replacement ?? Under the red is a date: Heisei 21 (2009), July 7th.



thank you very much, in my search kore means 'made it' , it is strange however the kore is on the front and not at the back, and only one signature reamined after, so this should be a part of a signature name or perhaps the kore might not be the right kanji.
The signature is very fainted in deed, hardly any stroke can be seen.
Anyway, great apreciate your help.


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Kore name

In this case, "Kore" is the first half of a name, such as Korekatsu or Korekazu.
The other "kore" that you're thinking of is a different kanji, meaning "this", sometimes seen preceded or followed by "saku" (made), that is, "saku kore" or "kore (o) saku" means "made this".