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May I have your help to read the smith name on a Japanese sword made during WW2. The sword has a Seki stamp (5 x 5 mm), It has an atrative ko-gunome midare hamon and an O-maru boshi, length 64.5 cm. Unorthodox fuchi-kashira more like late 19th century than war production, the tsuba is regulation in shape only as it is covered with cherry blossoms, habaki has well spaced file marks angled ay around 60 degrees. Saya is aubergine in color and so is the tsukamaki. Menukis seems to be a family mon not the regulation ones.
I am not not interested in showa-to but this one got enough for to acquire it to learn (may be) on that period sword making.
In advance I would like to thank you for the translation of the mei.
3 images labelled top middle bottom holding the blade upright.

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Miwa Ujinaga

The signature is "Miwa Ujinaga saku". Probably UJI96.