Publishing personal collections - Phase II

The feature has been fully implemented now. Registered users are allowed to post an unlimited number of collections by publishing content of Private collection type (see Create content menu once logged in). Each collection is a list of records of the following customized types:

  • sword record (available fields: Nagasa, Saki-haba, Moto-haba, Sori, Sori Type, Sugata, Type, Period, Jihada, Nakago, Mei, Hamon, Boshi, Horimono etc)
  • tsuba record (available fields: Width, Height, Thickness etc)
  • generic item record - for any other item types (available fields: Custom Type, Description)

All record types also have common fields like visibility (whether the record is accessible to everyone), inventory number, status, notes etc.

Once a collection is published with public visibility, it can be accessed via Personal Collections menu. Tabs at the top of the page allow visitors to choose between different item filters. You may view it as lists of all collections, or items filtered by type:

A guide to publishing your collections is coming soon under Help section of the site.