Jim's geijin swords and knives


The living room display says it all. I have mostly military and fraternity swords. From left to right:

  1. Argentine artillery saber
  2. Imperial prussian artillery officer's sword
  3. German NCO sword from WW1
  4. Modern USMC officer's sword
  5. Knights of Pythias 'lion-head' presentation sword
  6. Toledo-made hanger dated 1869
  7. USN officer's sword, 1950's
  8. Old german freemason's sword (with leatherwork)
  9. US model 1860 staff and field officer's sword
  10. Knights of Pythias sword (more common form)
  11. US militia NCO sword, 1840's
  12. Knights of Columbus sword
  13. Freemason's Knights Templar sword, 19th century
  14. IOOF (Odd Fellows lodge) sword
  15. Freemason's Knights Templar sword, 1920's
  16. Unknown military academy cadet's sword
  17. Spanish officer's cutacha, spanish-american war

The other attatchments are individual pieces not on display; I have specialized in military and ethnographic bladeform examples. My oldest is a bronze age spear point dated 1000 BCE. The chinese examples I have in my collection are of what I would call the 'chinese but not garbage' variety, and are worth looking at...

If I have misidentified anything here, I would appreciate a head's up. :) I am not one of those collectors who ever wish to be fooled, or (worse) fool themselves. My goal is always the truth.

The living room47.27 KB
Kai gunto by Kanetaka56.67 KB
Antique wakizashi49.01 KB
Ethiopian dagger85.96 KB
Hitler jugend dagger (real--family heirloom with provenence back to WW2)80.63 KB
Italian mannlicher-carcano fixed-folding bayonet, WW277.77 KB
US M4 bayonet (Kiffe, made in Japan)75.07 KB
British assam rifles kukhri, WW260.59 KB
Central asian kukhri with silver hilt70.62 KB
Argentine mauser bayonet, model 1891, with leatherwork55.34 KB
Argentine bolo fighting knife (short sword,) model 1909, with leatherwork50.36 KB
US springfield bayonet by AFH, WW260.21 KB
Japanese arisaka bayonet, WW255.56 KB
USN mark 2 kabar, WW2 (in use today, strapped onto my cross-country hiking pack)61.98 KB
Philippine horse-headed short sword62.9 KB
Old siamese wave-edged sword (with INCORRECT malaysian-esque kris handle; the original was lost, and someone thought this bulbous wooden handle was the appropriate replacement)55.87 KB
Chinese bronze sword, with tempered blade (20th century)61.57 KB
Spanish officer's cutacha, late 19th century (spanish-american war) made by Ferdinand Esser of Elberfeld, germany55.16 KB
Luristan bronze age spear point, dated 1000 BCE84.02 KB
Chinese dao knife with horn scabbard79.87 KB
Chinese dao knife (same maker or school as previous, but this one has much nicer detail including the eight auspicious signs of the Buddha, carnelian cabochons and turquoise stones left unfinished in the tibetan fashion)73.84 KB
Chinese damascus steel tachi (the hangers and leatherworked handle are modern)45.98 KB
Rapier with colichmarde blade (the tip was missing and it had no scabbard when I bought it for $13; the new tip and scabbard with blue denim are my doing)60.06 KB
Huge Turkish jambiya53.55 KB
Southeast asian kris knife (tourist model)64.52 KB
Another southeast asian kris knife (tourist model)47.74 KB
Japanese NCO sword (WW2)53.33 KB
Two model 1914 swiss "pioneer" bayonets49.26 KB

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