Bizen Ichimonji: Hanayaka na Nihonto (備前一文字: 華やかな日本刀)

TitleBizen Ichimonji: Hanayaka na Nihonto (備前一文字: 華やかな日本刀)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMuseum, Sano Art
PublisherSano Art Museum
Number of Pages163
ISBN Number9784915857683

Drawing on the resources of four museums and private collections this catalog presents fifty-two examples with seven national treasure swords including the Uesugi-tachi and Okadagiri. Accessible to non-Japanese readers with its English-language index that includes transcription of mei in romanji and measurements. Each sword is shown in full-color photographs detailing the unique workmanship that made Bizen Ichimonji-to famous.

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