Tanto with Cutting Test Kanji

Tanto with Cutting Test Kanji
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Samurai Long Sunnobi Tanto With Gold inlaid Tameshigiri Cutting Test Kanji for cut through 1 body.approx 400 yrs old blade length 355mm. Enjoy all.

Cutting test

Just for the record, the inlaid signature says:

dō ochi

(cut through 1 body)


cutting test signature translation

Hello Stan thank you for the translation is it unusal to have this mark on a Tanto. and if so how unusual have you seen this before ?. g.

I can't recall any specific

I can't recall any specific examples, but it doesn't surprise me. You would see 'cut through 2, 3, 4 bodies' inscription on katana and wakizashi. I don't know how they actually tested a tanto, it must have been pretty gruesome, I'm afraid.

cutting test reply Kazarena

thank you for you insight and information.and yes must have been really horrendous.Gary.