Nihonto Newsletter

TitleNihonto Newsletter
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsYamanaka, Albert
PublisherJapanese Sword Society of United States
Number of Volumes5

Albert Yamanaka's Newsletter was originally published between 1968 and 1972. It was later reprinted by JSS/US in 3-volume edition. Newsletter was published monthly (with exceptions for November-December issues which were published as a joint paper). The last issue (volume 5, issue 7) was published in July 1972.


For citation convenience this publication is split up into individual articles (which were originally published in installments throughout a number of issues). The list of articles can be found here.

This publication shouldn't be referenced directly, but particular article should be cited instead. The 'Swordsmith' series are quite large and may be split into smaller chunks at a later stage.