Nihonto Club software upgraded

Dear Members and Visitors,

As promised, NC software has been upgraded over weekend. This is an essential step towards further development of the NC platform. The following features are available immediately:

  • New spam prevention tools to stop occasional outbursts of unsolicited content and make it less painful for authentic visitors (e.g. when using contact form and password recovery)
  • Faster and easier to use rich-text editor for posts and comments
  • Numerous minor improvements across the board

The possibility to change licensing options for the published content has been removed due to lack of demand. The site is still using Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (see in the footer of the page) for all its content unless stated otherwise.

More new features will be rolled out in the coming months, including (just an idea, it hasn't been decided yet):

  • Multilingual interface (including the ability to see smith information in Japanese)
  • Re-worked user profiles (a replacement for rather outdated 'Members Page' and much more)
  • Markdown input format (an easier way to post formatted text)
  • Backlinks - see where else a particular smith or sword or school were mentioned
  • The concept of 'private collections' will also change

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the new site.