Some statistics

It's been five months since Swordsmith Index was released. I've been spending some evenings and weekends to find and type in more information as I was reading through various sources and here's what we've got so far:

Total smith records: 12250
Verified records: 389 (3.18%) - verified manually to ensure the information is reliable or at least in line with accessible knowledge.
Schools/groups: 93 - entered by hand

Smith Records:

School is known: 1146 (9.36%) - verified and entered by hand
Province is known: 4126 (33.68%)
Kanji name is filled in: 11808 (96.39%)
Era: 11281 (92.09%)
Lineage confirmed: 1460 (11.92%) - number of records which have father's or teacher's record known and correctly identified.
Total signatures: 2735
Unique smiths with signatures: 1946

It's not too bad, I guess. My main task so far was to populate the information about schools and lineage, which could help in the future with efficient search for particular smith of particular school and era. It's been a very, very useful experience, I've learned so much!