PROPOSAL: Subscriptions

As promised, I'll be posting few ideas which I plan to implement on I'd like to know you feedback whether a particular feature is worth implementing or if it's clunky/cumbersome/useless or needs to be somehow modified/improved/re-evaluated.


This doesn't need any development as it's already available as a plug-in module. Once enabled, almost every page on the site will have a 'Subscribe' option (for registered users only). It will also be available in the submission form of any content type (collections, profiles, smith & school records, stories, articles, forum threads).

Every time the page you are subcribed to is updated, a notification email will be sent to your registered email address. While being quite standard feature for discussion boards, it also can give something more valuable. E.g. you are interested in a particular smith or school. Once subscribed, you'll be notified about any new information coming in.

Subscriptions tab will be available on the user page (accessible via My Member Page) to manage the subscriptions efficiently.


  • Notifications will be sent every time records are updated, even if changes only affect visual layout or typos.

Please let me know what you think.