Japanese Swords Seminar in Leeds, UK (12 Feb 2011)

Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds is hosting a seminar on Japanese swords in February 2011. See the description below.

Royal Armouries wrote:

Our ever-popular Japanese swords seminar will give participants a unique chance to learn about making and care of important cultural objects. Delivered by Keeper of Armour & Oriental Collections Thom Richardson and Curator Emeritus Ian Bottomley the session gives the chance to handle genuine objects from our study collections which are not usually on public display, including a wakizashi by Tadahiro of Hizen of the mid 17th century with its complete set of mounts, bags, and sword box, and a tachi of about 1400 by Sadatsugu of Bitchu.

Seminar Details

Time: 10am-4.30pm
Price: 30GBP per person
Venue: Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

For further information or to book please email educate.leeds@armouries.org.uk or alternatively call Jon Copley on +44-113-220-1888.

If you wish to attend, hurry up as the number of seats is limited! I'm hoping to meet some of you there.