Attackers And Survivors Reconcile At Pearl Harbor

I found another article about Pearl Harbor and particularly liked the way Japanese pilot expressed his view on the historical event: wrote:

Japanese dive bomber pilot Zenji Abe, 90, led the push for reconciliation when he visited Hawaii with Maeda and other Japanese veterans in 1991. He said he wanted to apologize for bombing Oahu before the Japanese government declared war.

Japan’s aviators took off from their aircraft carriers that morning believing their government had already delivered the declaration, Abe said. Striking before doing so was dishonorable and went against Japanese traditions of “bushido” or the way of the samurai, Abe said.
Even if you are executing an early morning attack, you may not hurt your opponent if he is sleeping. You must make him stand and then go at him with your sword. This is bushido,” Abe said. The assault “violated our nation’s ideals. I felt bad,” he said.

To atone, Abe asked Fiske - the West Virginia survivor who also became Maeda’s friend - to place two roses on the USS Arizona Memorial on his behalf each month.

Fiske continued the ritual for 12 years until he died.