Muyukan Kendo Club

Thank you to for featuring our Dojo as a link on your website, it is greatly appreciated. We will be starting a beginners course soon and wish to inform members of your site that if they wish to come along and watch one of our classes or take part I'm sure they will enjoy. A little about our Dojo...

Our Dojo trains very traditional Kendo style which was developed by our Sensei and founder of Muyukan, Yoshimoto Sensei of Hiroshima, Japan. Muyukan is based on the principles of Katana and not modern competition style which focuses on the sporting aspect of Kendo, we feel this dilutes the art. We strive to improve our swordsmanship and pursue the real art of Kendo as practiced in Japan and not European sport style. When this approach is taken we find competition comes more naturally as the student is mentally prepared but maintains the focus that the Kendoka is cutting with a sword and NOT bamboo. We keep our class sizes to a minimum so as closer instruction and supervision can be maintained and more hands-on approach applied. We find that this means very quick advancement of our beginners and gives them a crucial understanding of the basics and direction to improve. As well as the martial art aspect of Kendo their is the obvious physical/mental improvement and benefits associated with any martial art.

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Thanks again,
Muyukan Kendo

Thank you

Dear Muyukan,

It's great that you found Nihonto Club. I must admit it's been my dream for quite a while to come and join your Dojo as I'm finding Muyukan's philosophy very close to my own beliefs. Currently there are some commitments which take almost all my free time, but some day...

In the meantime I wish you all the best with your Dojo's further development. If there's anything I can do to promote it, please let me know.