Nyusatsu Kantei booklet ready for pre-order

Nyusatsu Kantei cover

We are about a week away from the release of our pocket guide to nyusatsu kantei. If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, please order from the contact page at http://www.thejapanesesword.com. It is W 4.25" x H 6.87". 50 pages. $12 +pp.

It comes in a handy size (unlike most sword books) and is beneficial to sword enthusiasts of all levels. It has basic information for beginners, blade shape charts, explanation of the rules of kantei and most importantly a Koto, Shinto dozen list for easy navigation when practicing nyusatsu kantei.

Sorry for the bandwidth, but I felt that the western sword world needed this amazingly important tool in order to be able to practice and build their confidence in nyusatsu kantei.


The English version Kantei books were all sent out this morning. US should receive them in a couple of days. International in about a week. Thank you all.


Paul Martin
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