Hikashiro Sadamune wakizashi

I note an auction in London tomorrow 17th July has a 'signed Hikashiro Sadamune' wakizashi. You can find it on google if you do a search
Now my understanding is that there is only one signed Sadamune in existence - a tanto. So this would suggest this is a great unaccounted for signed Sadamune or a gimei. The image of the nakago is very unclear as it is very badly pitted and the inmages of the blade are not sufficient to make any judgement on quality.

Interested in the process of auction houses selling Japanese blades and their descriptions, when there is obviously no paperwork.


help me to with this peculiar tanto/knife (sorry for the horrible English)


Is it real too?


Can you help with info regarding this tanto?
Is it real? From 17th century? Is it made by SHIGEMITSU?

Can you estimate a price for it?

I would like to buy it from a private seller and I tried to contact a Japanese Association from my country but nobody knows details about swords.

Thanks for your help!

Help with Tanto

I would like some help with identifying the history of my Tanto and generally as much information as possible about it including translation of writing on both blades and wooden part of the handle, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

19th Century Tanto

Hey all! Here's my second sword I have questions on. (Also, sorry Stan, I didn't read the message about uploading pictures till after I posted my first post.)

This one is a little tanto I picked up a couple years ago. It's got a kozuka with it and a tsuba, but it's missing a lot of the other fittings. The tsuba has gold inlay and the kabuto-gane has a clan mon painted in gold on it. I've managed to identify it as a clan named the Mokko...but I've been unable to discover anything else about the clan. I think it's dated between 1800 and 1820.

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