Help with signature

I have a WW II officer's sword that I need help with. I have scoured sites and have had no luck. Here are some pictures. Hope ya'll can help.

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Arsenal Mark

Here is what I assume is a Seki mark ,although it isn't like what I have seen listed.

Ido Hidetoshi

Hi Jerry,

The signature reads:

tokushu-kō motte ido hidetoshi

This signature appears on works of Ido Hidetoshi. You may see another example in J.Slough's 'Modern Japanese Swordsmiths: 1868-1945' book.




Thanks for your quick reply. I assume the painted kanji represent some sort of date. I see 2 number 2s but what would the other characters mean? The 3rd character looks to me like "day" but it is positioned wrong for that.

Thanks again for your help, Jerry

Not sure

Hi Jerry,

I've seen these before, but I can't remember what it is exactly. It's some sort of production or batch number, probably based on date.