Don't Forget the Australian Sydney Token Kai!!!

Hi Stan and all,
sorry I have not been more active lately, but today, I have had to make sure that those of you that may be around Sydney, Australia during September 8th to 12th are aware and maybe can get along to the shinsa, ( you can find more information in the link below ), but I just have to say, the last one held was approx 2 years ago was a very well run show with many top experts in attendance and giving away there knowledge and advice freely to all that attended as well as the shinsa itself, great bargins in swords and fittings etc to be had, as well as the handout information,
check it out and highly recommended!!
many thanks and hope to see any of you there ( maybe a holiday is in it for you Stan!! would be great to catch up!! )
thanks and regards to all,
John Falconer
Western Australia
( 5 hours flight from Perth to Sydney Eastern Australia )

Sydney Token Kai

Hi John,

Yes, I saw that one. Sounds very good. I'll definitely have a closer look!