Mr Kenneth Laidler

Hi I have purchased a sword from a e bay Web site .a store in Japan.. It is stated as a wakasashi,however the nagasa is 630mm.the tsuka is 250mm long the mei is said to read,Noushu ju Tanikuni Yoshikane.
It also has a sho stamp,
I can not find any clear information on this smith.also I am trying to establish if this is a mass produced sword ,I understand in that you can not help at this stage without sight of the blade.

I own a Hizen kuni yoshikane katana and a Hizen kuni yoshikane wakasashi.
Whilst I have several other swords, ie, sukesada ,masaie,
I am trying to collect only Yoshikane blades,,frome all schools,,, if I can find at an affordable price.
The problem with collecting ,,,is its easy to want everything,,,but I feel I need to focus on something
A school, a period, or a name,? Even if there are big variations in time and quality front one to another,
At least I can draw comparisons,,
That's my thinking,
So for my first contact on this site I woud be grateful to receive any information on any Yoshikane smith
Up to current time,

I will have more queries on other aspects including ,,why I have a wakasashi with 2 character mei said to read Masaie, ,Mihara,,whilst I have not seen any documentation or oshigata with his signature.
Have I got a masterpiece ,or am I holding a forgery,,
Interested in all thoughts
Ken laidler.British and enjoying retirement in Slovenia

Mihara fan

Hey kenneth, id love to see some photos of your mihara sword. Im collecting mihara swords and would love to see what you have!