Attribution of zaimei Ichimonji swords

This page describes the logic behind attributions of swords signed 'Ichi' (一) bearing a generic attribution '(such and such school) Ichimonji' which is used in Nihonto Club databases.

Assuming that the particular Ichimonji school/group is known as well as estimated era, zaimei 'Ichi' swords will be attributed to specific smith records using the table below.

School Period Years Attribution
Ko-Ichimonji Teiō (1222-1224) 1222-1224 ICH7
Ko-Ichimonji other 1184-1243 ICH6
Fukuoka Ichimonji Kangen (1243-1247) to Hōji (1247-1249) 1243-1249 ICH8
Fukuoka Ichimonji Kenchō (1249-1256) to Bunō (1260-1261) 1249-1261 ICH9
Fukuoka Ichimonji Kōchō (1261-1264) to Kōan (1278-1288) 1261-1288 ICH11
Fukuoka Ichimonji uncertain ICH9
Yoshioka Ichimonji Shoō (1288-1293) to Shokei (1332-1334) 1288-1334 ICH12
Yoshioka Ichimonji Kenmu (1334-1338) ND to Ryakuō (1338-1342) 1334-1342 ICH15
Yoshioka Ichimonji Kōei (1342-1345) ND to Kōan (1361-1362) 1342-1362 ICH17
Yoshioka Ichimonji Teiji (1362-1368) ND to Meitoku (1390-1394) 1362-1394 ICH18
Yoshioka Ichimonji uncertain ICH12
Shōchū/Iwato Ichimonji any ICH13
Katayama Ichimonji any ICH5
Ōei (1394-1428) 1394-1428 ICH19