Archaic pronunciation of swordsmith names. List of alternative readings

Nihonto Club is using modern Romaji versions of Japanese personal and geographical names and sword terminology. This may lead to difficulties with searching through the site contents as many older books use archaic versions of names and terms. E.g. smith names Masaiye and Iyetsugu are presented as Masaie and Ietsugu. To find more details about archaic pronunciations, see Historical kana orthography and Romanization of Japanese.

This page is provided as a 'search trap' for all archaic versions of personal names which are currently in the process of getting updated to modern versions. Please use modern version (e.g. Sukesue instead of Sukesuye) when using the Site Search function of Nihonto Club.

Archaic Version Modern Version
Ariiye Ariie
Arisuye Arisue
Chikaiye Chikaie
Chikasuye Chikasue
Hiroiye Hiroie
Hisaiye Hisaie
Iyehide Iehide
Iyehira Iehira
Iyehiro Iehiro
Iyehisa Iehisa
Iyekane Iekane
Iyekiyo Iekiyo
Iyemasa Iemasa
Iyemitsu Iemitsu
Iyemori Iemori
Iyemune Iemune
Iyenaga Ienaga
Iyenori Ienori
Iyesada Iesada
Iyeshige Ieshige
Iyesuke Iesuke
Iyetada Ietada
Iyetoshi Ietoshi
Iyetsugu Ietsugu
Iyeyasu Ieyasu
Iyeyoshi Ieyoshi
Kageiye Kageie
Kaneiye Kaneie
Kanesuye Kanesue
Katsuiye Katsuie
Kuniiye Kuniie
Kunisuye Kunisue
Masaiye Masaie
Mitsuiye Mitsuie
Mitsusuye Mitsusue
Moriiye Moriie
Motoiye Motoie
Muneiye Muneie
Munesuye Munesue
Nagaiye Nagaie
Nagasuye Nagasue
Naoiye Naoie
Naosuye Naosue
Nariiye Nariie
Nobuiye Nobuie
Noriiye Noriie
Norisuye Norisue
Sadaiye Sadaie
Sadasuye Sadasue
Saneiye Saneie
Shigeiye Shigeie
Sukeiye Sukeie
Sukesuye Sukesue
Suyehide Suehide
Suyehira Suehira
Suyehito Suehito
Suyemitsu Suemitsu
Suyemori Suemori
Suyenaga Suenaga
Suyenori Suenori
Suyesada Suesada
Suyetsugu Suetsugu
Suyeyasu Sueyasu
Suyeyoshi Sueyoshi
Suyeyuki Sueyuki
Tadaiye Tadaie
Tadasuye Tadasue
Takasuye Takasue
Tameiye Tameie
Tamesuye Tamesue
Terusuye Terusue
Teruiye Teruie
Tokisuye Tokisue
Tomoiye Tomoie
Tomosuye Tomosue
Toyoiye Toyoie
Toshiiye Toshiie
Tsuguiye Tsugiie
Tsunaiye Tsunaie
Tsuneiye Tsuneie
Tsunesuye Tsunesue
Yasuiye Yasuie
Yasusuye Yasusue
Yoriiye Yoriie
Yoshiiye Yoshiie
Yoshisuye Yoshisue
Yukiiye Yukiie
Yukisuye Yukisue