Members' Opinion on Wakizashi Blade

Would appreciate Members views on Photos attached.Have been told translation reads Soshu Ju Sadamune which equates to SAD543.(14th Century).Nagasa is 51cms which is Wakizashi length.However,there seem to be no signed pieces in existence by this swordsmith so is mine a "fake"?Any advice appreciated.

Cannot upload photos for some reason.Continual failure to upload,even though says photos successfully uploaded??? Photos can be seen on Ebay if enter 111398331155 into search.My apologies if this breaks Club rules but uploading photos should not be so difficult as this!!

Did this blade come with

Did this blade come with NBTHK or NTHK papers?


Hi Chris,No papers or

Hi Chris,No papers or anything.Was bought at auction as a plain Wakizashi and a friend in Japan translated the signature from an auction photo.Regards,John

Hello John, My recommendation

Hello John,

My recommendation would be to get it appraised or evaluated before you sell it. This may increase your selling price especially if this blade was made by Sadamune. I am not an expert on this topic though as I am only a beginning collector myself. But in my mind it makes sense to know exactly what you have in your hands first and get paperwork for it before you sell it.

In Yumoto's book I see two entries for Sadamune. If this indeed SAD543 then Yumoto rates at 160. You may not want to sell it though when you have paperwork ;-)


Hi Chris,Thanks for your

Hi Chris,Thanks for your advice which is genuinely appreciated.I am also an amateur and like to "seek out" interesting items which have "uncertainty" about them,do my limited research, then let prospective buyers take the chance.That is the fun for me and why I do not price it sky high,to allow for that bit of doubt.I have tended to find in the antique world that even experts will have different opinions amongst themselves.I go by gut feelings and intuition and feel this blade has a good chance of being "right" but always welcome opinions from anybody who is interested.Thank you once again and I like the blade you have coming,Regards,John

I'd say the odds are against

I'd say the odds are against it being made by Sadamune. Fake signatures of famous smiths are common.

Many thanks for looking.Am

Many thanks for looking.Am hoping to get a few more opinions as blade appears to have some age,as does signature and would be interested for comments as to likely age/period of blade from its shape/dimensions etc.Thanks again,John

From the shape and length

From the shape and length it's most likely to be a shinto blade. Wakizashi from the early Koto period were quite different. I'm no expert but apart from the signature there's nothing I can see that suggests any great age, but the condition does makes it hard to judge.

Many thanks for the

Many thanks for the pointer.Regards,John


IMO the blade looks to be of koto vintage, but more towards the end of the era. The signature doesn't look like it was added later but IMO it's most likely gemei. The blade doesn't have the quality look that you would expect to see in a genuine Sadamune.

Many thanks for your comments

Many thanks for your comments and information.I would be quite happy if the blade falls into the Koto era and appreciate your interest.Regards,John